Tuesday, May 22

JLS Kiss Launch

This evening, the very lovely Krista gave me her place to go to the launch of the JLS fragrance, Kiss. 
It was a very well put together event, in the most beautiful red carpeted venue- One Marylebone. 
It was full of seriously amazing cocktails, delicious canapés and girls glammed up girls all waiting to meet the four babes themselves- Marvin, Aston, JB and Oritse.

They were such lovely down to earth boys, having a laugh and a few blushes on stage with some cheeky questions and answers before giving us all the opportunity for a nice little photo opportunity, which I very much enjoyed.

The fragrance is very much a celebrity scent, reminding me of quite a few different fragrances that I have smelt in the past. Particularly one, but unfortunately I can't for the life of me think what it is- no help!
With perfume being very much to personal taste, I must admit that it's not my favourite smell ever, but it is pleasant and one of the better celebrity lined fragrances that I have tried.

The boys explained during the Q&A session that they all put their input into creating it, using their individually preferred notes to create one fragrance that they would like to smell on a girl.
The notes they decides on were
Top Notes: Peach Skin, Loganberry, Bergamot, Cassis and Mandarin
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Tuberose, Muguet, Rose absolute, Black Orchid, Neroli flower.
Base Notes: Amber crystals, White Musk, Patchouli and Oakmoss.

Aston loves the cassis note, Oritse added in the Black Orchid as it's his favourite flower, Marvin adores Tuberose and so added that in and JB wanted the hypnotic scent of amber crystals to linger on the skin.

The boxed packaging of the perfume is quite bright and out there, each side featuring a photo of one of the boys (my favourite obviously being Marvin!), whereas the bottle itself is minimally White with a cheeky little JLS Star. One thing I really like about the packaging is that is has a unique magnet lid, which personally, I think is a nice little touch. 

    This EDT is available to buy in The Perfume Shop, Boots and The Fragrance Shop and costs just £14-30ml and £20-60ml, which for fragrance is a very reasonable price.

Are you a fan of celebrity fragrance and does a JLS Kiss appeal to you?


  1. Wow, lucky you! They look very down to earth from the photos. And marvin..*swoon* hah :)

  2. jealous!!! looks like it was fun :)


  3. Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time :) x

  4. Oh my cant believe you met JLS!! great blog by the way.


  5. looks like a really nice event, your a lucky girl. LOVE your blog! xx


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